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The Simple Life Isn’t So Simple

Soul Provider is a documentary series that follows the day to day struggles faced by a family as they attempt to find balance between living on a single income, ethically harvesting their food and the allure of returning to a simpler life.

Season one introduces the Neste family, who are pursuing their own version of the American Dream, redefining what a soul provider truly looks like. Following in his father’s footsteps, AJ Neste had big shoes to fill as the son of a famous Sports and Entertainment photographer, but all that unexpectedly changed with the birth of their first child.

Conflicted with what success actually looks like, combined with a pure desire to know where their food came from, he and his wife Megan, left a promising future in Southern California to move to Florida to be closer to family and sustainable food sources. Follow their journey as they learn new ways to live off of the land but not off the grid.


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