1975 Canada- A boy named Adam was set to come into the world on July 12th.  Little did his family or the delivery doctor know he would be followed by an identical unexpected twin brother, Aaron.  From a miracle birth that nearly took Aaron’s life started his journey of overcoming against the odds.  His childhood gave little reprieve.  He and his his brother encountered abuse and were ultimately abandoned at the tender age of 16.  Their ingenuity and drive led them to survival although unconventionally and with a little bit of jail time.  It took Aaron years to graduate high school because he and his brother would take turns working and going to school.  They went on to become a house framing company (their father’s trade).  After years of building new homes in a competitive industry in Toronto, Aaron became discouraged at the rate builders were expected to build.  It was clearly becoming an industry that valued profits over craft and Aaron wanted out.  He began studying the ways and architecture of historic buildings and quickly and passionately detoured into the industry of historic building renovation. 

On a project in San Francisco Aaron encountered a collision of his past experiences.  He was volunteering at a Nonprofit (Old Skool Cafe - SF) that give jobs to youth who have been recently incarcerated or aged out of foster care.  He suggested to the Director of the nonprofit that the young men of the organization work along side of him during the renovation.  “You want to give ex-cons access to power tools?” She asked.  He told her, “If I can teach a man to read a tape measure I can find him 5 jobs on a construction site.” Aaron rebuilt Old Skool Cafe with the hands of the youth.  It transformed them both.  

During his time in SF he learned that like him, the young men at Old School Cafe had three major roadblocks to their success: Jobs, Housing and Male Leaders.  He left CA and returned to his current home in AL and began dreaming of a way to address all three.

Series - ImPossible

Birmingham, AL second only to Detroit, is one of the most racially and economically divided cities in our country.  Aaron, historic renovator, husband and father of two will move into the most historic and depressed neighborhoods of the Iron City.  He will team up with the unemployable youth in the neighborhood and rebuild the neighborhood in order to return the homes to the young men who rebuilt them.  Restoring Homes and Restoring People.  

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