Misty Arnold


For over a decade Misty has worked in the entertainment industry with production experience in both domestic and international settings. She has served in instrumental roles in production management and producing for the first television network to focus exclusively on socially conscious entertainment featuring reality-based television series, documentaries, and films – Halogen TV.

Prior to Halogen, Misty spent several years in management, producing and coordinating roles with various programs ranging in content from extreme sports, music videos, live concerts, talk shows, campaign promos and web shorts at Steelroots and the INSP networks

Her passion and experience has lead to the development of a diversified set of core competencies in the areas of pre-production, post production, creative development, production process, budgeting, scheduling, coordination and the diplomacy necessary to interface effectively with key relationships.

Recent work entails producing and coordinating for various films, music videos, television commercials, shorts and brand identity content with clients such as but not limited to; John Mark McMillian, Matrimony, Flagship, Dockers, Wells Fargo, Lowes Home Improvement, and NatGeo’s Wicked Tuna.